This is just the beginning.

Welcome. Thank you for taking a bit of your precious time to check out this blog. You will find a lot here as I develop it. So much of what will be posted will be practical information you can use to make positive changes in your life.

I don’t like giving advice; mainly, because I don’t like receiving it. (Stay tuned and you’ll learn all about my pet peeves.) This blog will contain information about how and why we do what we do. I hope that information can be applied to your life in a way that benefits you.

We receive questions (and judgments) about our lifestyle all the time, so in this blog I’m creating a repository of answers. I will cover everything about our sensible, sustainable path so you can see not only the what, how, and why but also the results of it all. I’ll let you into our lives and home to see so much.

Come back often to learn about: renovating a 110+ year old home, gardening, cleaning, raising children, eating an organic diet on a budget, shopping just once a month, budgeting and saving on one income, cooking some fantastic food (with some major fails in the kitchen from time to time), cloth diapering, heating 3000+ square feet with a woodstove, and so many other aspects that are part of this cleaner, greener, healthier, happier path through our crazy life.


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