DIY Baby Wipes: How to make cleaner, greener wipes for your angel’s bum

Before the angel was born, I did a lot of research into ways to be cleaner, greener, healthier, and happier.  That means, among other things, saving money and using fewer chemicals.  There are plenty of blogs and pins* on the Internet to reference, but here is the way I make DIY Baby Wipes.

Step 1 will always ALWAYS be to Clean Your Work Surface.  I use a 1:1 vinegar: water spray for just about everything as it has natural disinfecting properties.   Again, blogs and pins galore for reference.

I use vinegar water (1:1) to clean everything as it is a natural disintectant.

I use vinegar water (1:1) to clean everything as it is a natural disintectant.

Step 2 is to gather all your goodies:

Two 1-gallon zip-top baggies

One roll of paper towels – I prefer Target’s Up & Up brand make-a-size:  best quality for the price and perfect size and thickness for our needs. (No, this is not a paid endorsement.  Sadly.)

Baby or body oil – I use The Honest Company’s Organic Body Oil.  (Again, this is not a paid endorsement.)

Baby or sensitive skin body wash – I use The Honest Company’s Honest Shampoo + Body Wash.  (*sigh* not paid)

Measuring cup and spoons

Serrated knife

Water – As we have softened well water, I go with the triple-filtered H2O from our fridge.

The goodies.

The goodies.

Step 3 is to make the “juice”:  1 1/2c of water, 1T oil, and 1t wash into each baggie.  Do not shake!  Bubbles are bad.  Gently stir or slosh the ingredients to mix them.  You’ll get some bubbles (see my beautiful picture) but if you aren’t careful, you’ll have nothing but bubbles and that just doesn’t work for this project.

Bubbles are bad.

Bubbles are bad.

Step 4 is the workout; place the paper towel roll on its side and use the knife to cut it in half.  Your arm will feel like a tough noodle by the time you make it through the roll.  There will be fuzzies from the cutting all over your work surface, the knife’s teeth, and the floor.  I keep the trash can directly under my biscuit table to just brush the fuzzies into it.

Roll in two, fuzzies galore.

Roll in two, fuzzies galore.

Step 5:  place a half roll into each baggie.  Let them sit 15-20 minutes so the paper soaks up the juice.  Depending on the type of paper towels you use, you may need to adjust the amount of water you use.  I have used different brands which have differing thicknesses not only of each towel but how tightly they’re wound onto the roll.

Soakin' up the juice.

Soakin’ up the juice.

If you’re lucky, when you remove the cardboard roll, you create and wee tunnel of towels that stand up for you and assist you in pulling the next wipe out of the baggie.  Here’s me, on the other side of the Internet, wishing you luck.  Again, it depends on the towels you use.

Gathering, mixing, and cutting time:  7 minutes

Soaking time:  15-20 minutes

Cost of three ingredients (Remember, this is the up-front cost; you’ll be able to make many rolls of wipes with these.):

The Honest Company’s Organic Body Oil: $9.99** for 4 oz.

The Honest Company’s Shampoo + Body Wash:  $9.99** for 8.5 oz.

Up & Up make-a-size White Paper Towels:  $12. 69 for 6 Huge Rolls

Overall reaction from this SAHM:  I love these wipes.  I wouldn’t switch to mass marketed, factory made wipes, even if they were given to me for free.  That being said, if they were given to me for free, I would donate them to the YWCA; they need them.  So do women’s and homeless shelters.  I am blessed to be able to make cleaner, greener, healthier wipes for my angel’s bum.

*My name is Sarah Murphy and I’m a Pinterest addict.   All:  “Hi, Sarah.”

**The price for The Honest Company’s products is less per product when you sign up for their automatic service, which I originally did.  Stay tuned to Thoughtfully Sought for my experience with that… and head over to my Goodreads profile to see my review of Jessica Alba’s book.


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