Her Second Christmas (Surviving the Holidays, pt. 3)

Her second Christmas

Sippy Cup

Angel Baby received only a handful of Stuff from Santa, and everything fit in her regular-sized stocking. Seriously.

The first present in the stocking was an upgraded sippy cup, more for a big girl, with a twirly straw. She got a brush and comb set with Minnie Mouse. She got five pretty barrettes. There was a slinky repackaged and wrapped because she’d snagged it off a shelf at Target and had it opened before I caught on. Thank goodness it was $1!

That. Was. It. She’s 18 months, for cripe’s sake! What more does she need!? There was no way the grandparents, aunts, and uncles were not going to buy her Stuff. She isn’t in need of anything. And to be a total douche about it, she isn’t going to remember what she got from whom on this particular gift-giving occasion. Heck, she didn’t remember this morning that she didn’t like eggs yesterday so ended up eating the leftovers… And enjoyed them!

Angel Baby loved unwrapping everything. I mean everything; it didn’t matter whose gift it was or if it was just a decoration. Her joy on Christmas was from tearing paper. Her favorite gift: The big girl sippy cup. The pictures from Christmas are mostly her with that cup or in a toy wagon she received for her birthday… Something she’s been playing with since July.

Clareberry Christmas

Ok, sorry, back on point:

I overheard a conversation between the BHE and someone unmentioned. This someone asked about what Angel Baby got from Santa (re: The BHE and I). He replied with the short list of Stuff and sounded proud that all of it fit in her stocking. The one with the query sounded incensed and demanded to know how Angel Baby was going to learn about Christmas if those were the only gifts she got to unwrap.

Deep. Breathing.

Sadly, meditative visualization doesn’t work for me with my ridiculously vivid imagination and propensity towards unrealistic violence. Like, after hearing that statement about my daughter learning about Christmas, I was picturing my fully decorated tree as a javelin, piercing this idiot in the eye.


I loved seeing what everyone got Angel Baby. I loved watching her reactions. I am so thankful to everyone who made her holidays bright. Were she older, she would verbalize her appreciation as well as she it in her actions. I won’t raise her to be ungrateful. Like her mother.

Ok, let me rephrase. I’m not ungrateful. I love it all. But the best part wasn’t the Stuff. The best part was watching her dance at my aunt’s. The best part was seeing her play with her two older cousins, rough-&-tumble boys who are around 10. The best part was witnessing the exploratory play she quietly engaged in at her great-grandparents’ house when my grandmother brought out my father’s toys.

Wood toys

Yep. Wooden. Chipped primary colors. Squeaky springs. Those things were purchased in the early 1950s, made in America out of natural products, and did not require batteries. (Please, keep comments about lead paint to yourself.)

Almost to 2015

It was a great year. One that went too fast, watching my baby grow into a little girl. I feel like I didn’t see enough of all those I love.

I’m grateful for the Stuff we received. I know a lot of heart and thought went into it. Thank you to everyone who did spend time and money on gifts for the BHE, Angel Baby, and myself. Know that the best gifts received this holiday were the ones of love, friendship, time, and joy.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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