I’m A Nerd

Loud and Proud

I’ve embraced it. It took me a few years (Ok, junior high and most of high school), but I now happily label myself. Go ahead, stereotype me. I like it.

My solace

I love to read. I’ll read just about anything. My passions are (currently) books on healthy and alternative living and books that fall into YA Paranormal Romance. Seriously, check out my Goodreads account. I can’t make up a genre name like that.

But I do enjoy mysteries, autobiographies, historical fiction, and cookbooks. Have you ever sat to read a cookbook, not just flip through one for recipes? You learn a lot about food and science that way.

I read all the time, and I’m enamored with my library. I don’t know how I’d feed my addiction without it. I’ve been terribly ill for the past week, so I have gotten more reading in. But I haven’t done a heck of a lot else. In fact, I wanted to continue to neglect the blog in order to spend time requesting books via the OPAC.

Oh, yes. The library.

One of my greatest achievements in my life thus far is getting my local rural library to join Evergreen Indiana. I was the manager of the smaller branch and knew our budget would never allow us to fully, properly serve our patrons. I did my research, presented my argument, facilitated the sales pitch, and got the director and board members to sign on for Evergreen.

Over 100 member libraries and growing. I can request books from every single one of those collections. If my itty bitty library doesn’t have it, I can still get it. How awesome is that? I can go online, log into my Evergreen account, search in a dozen different ways, and Reserve a book to be picked up by me at the library of my choice. Wicked.

Signing off

I’m ending this post now. I’m going to get on my Goodreads account, see what books are in my tbr list, then request a handful via Evergreen Indiana. Because I’m a nerd like that.

What system does your library use?


2 thoughts on “I’m A Nerd

  1. Joya

    I don’t use the library in my County often because it’s not convenient. I use the Nashville Public library system. It’s heaven. I pay 50- a year since I’m a non-resident but it’s well worth it to have access to all I have access to. And there’s always a library near either of my offices since they have 19, and that’s where I am at least twice a week on my lunch break. I think the system they use is called WorldCat.



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