Oh My Pot Pie

This recipe was developed from various sources and the need for something hearty for a February dinner in Indiana. Most of my ingredients are organic, and my chicken breasts are from humanely-raised chickens; the non-organic ingredients are either from before we made the switch* and I refuse to waste food or they were purchased based on budgetary constraints.

Look at this beauty!  Ohhhh myyyy!

Look at this beauty! Ohhhh myyyy!

Also worth noting:  we stuck to a fully gluten-free diet for many months when we first became enlightened about our food.  We lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of energy.  However, because of what we enjoy eating, we now have a diet that is roughly 70% GF and close to 90% nonGMO.

The ingredients

Mixing the cornbread topping

Mixing the cornbread topping

Cornbread topping:
½ c organic cornmeal
¼ cup organic all-purpose flour
1 ½ t baking powder
½ t sea salt
1 T organic clover honey
¾ c almond milk
2 T organic extra virgin olive oil

Stirring the gravy

Stirring the gravy

2 T organic extra virgin olive oil
2 T organic all-purpose flour
½ t sea salt
½ t ground mustard
½ t black pepper
½ t garlic powder
1 c homemade chicken broth

After raiding my freezer...

After raiding my freezer…

Equal parts (roughly ¼ – ½ cup each) corn, peas, chopped carrots, chopped red onion, cooked green lentils.
One to two breasts’ worth of chicken.  (On second thought, I would make this with only one breast.  It just depends on how much meat you like. … heh heh… )
2 c cooked organic brown rice

The process

Set your oven to 425.

In a medium pan on medium heat on the stove, mix broth, flour, and olive oil. Add seasonings and stir until well blended. Reduce to low heat. Add your choice of fillings; I put in chicken, red onions, lentils, peas, corn, and carrots in this version. Last time, I didn’t have peas or corn so used double the lentils and some green beans.

In a mixing bowl, stir together all the ingredients for the cornbread topping. Mix well so there are no lumps.

In your baking dish, press cooked brown rice evenly into the bottom. Turn off the drive and empty the contents of the pot onto the rice. Now carefully pour the cornmeal mixture on top and smooth it around without mixing in the filling.

The rice as the base

The rice as the base

Pouring in the fillings

Pouring in the fillings

Spreading on the cornbread

Spreading on the cornbread

Place this gorgeous dish in your oven and set the timer for 25 minutes. Check it when the buzzer sounds: If the cornbread is going from golden to brown, it’s done; if it’s not showing any brush, give it 3-5 more minutes.

How I save on time

All the veggies used were precut and frozen. The rice was streamed days ago and frozen. The lentils were made a couple weeks back and frozen. The chicken was boiled the day street I bought it, chilled, picked off the bone, and frozen.

Seeing a pattern? I try to prepare commonly used ingredients in big batches and then freeze everything so out is all ready to go when I am. It saves massive amounts of time in the long run.

If you don’t have that stuff prepared, this recipe goes from 35 minutes with one put, one bowl, and one baking dish to four pots, one cutting board, one mixing bowl, and one baking dish and upwards of THREE HOURS. Save yourself; prepare in batches.

Getting better every time

I drizzled in honey an M for Murphy

I drizzled in honey an M for Murphy because we are that awesome.

I’ve made this twice now. The pictures in this post are from the second go-round. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out the first time, and that had to be the tastiest trial run ever.

The fillings can be adjusted to your tastes. I think next time I make this there will be less fillings so the gravy seems more, I’ll use one chicken boob rather than two, and I’ll have more greens like peas and green beans. It really is a flexible pie, oh my.

Which fillings do you prefer? Should I double the topping so there’s more cornbread? What do you think about making this vegan?

*see the About the Murphys section


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