Puttin’ It On the Line: Our indoor clothesline

Put it on the line

Shortly after the birth of Angel Baby, the BHE and I received an electric bill fit to make our eyes bulge.  We chose to diaper our daughter in cloth, raising our laundry loads by at least two more per week.  Running everything through the dryer just got outrageous.

First, the BHE put up an outdoor clothesline.  That worked great.  And then the weather changed.

We were chatting one evening at the dinner table a few months after Angel Baby was born about ways to cut back, both on money being spent and energy being used.  It was mid-Fall so our outdoor clothesline was soon going to be out of commission.

Then BHE glanced around.  In four spots around our dining room, there were little metal loops.  What do you suppose they are for?  Why, the BHE guessed that at some point in the history of our 115-year-old home, someone had the bright idea to hang an indoor clothesline.  As a matter of fact, this enormous old house is heated by a woodstove located in the dining room.  Why not have a dual-purpose line:  dry our clothes for free AND add a little moisture to our dry winter house.

There were some trials.  There were some errors.  Then the brilliant man I married (are you reading this, BHE?) came up with a solution.  These are the photos and steps he took to make me an indoor clothesline, one that can be easily taken down should we have company.

1. Gather tools and supplies: u-bolt, key ring trigger hook, screwdriver, pliers/snips, measuring tape (not pictured: clothesline)

2. Measuring 3″ from the end of the line gave the BHE his mark for placement of the trigger hook.

3. The line is bent and the trigger hook is put in place.

4. The u bolt is held in place.

5. The pieces of the u bolt are put together.

6. This is one end of a line. As we have four lengths, the BHE did this eight times.

Bonus: The BHE is a genius! He used the existing price tags to mark each clothesline for ease of replacing them.

Complete: Two of the trigger hooks fit into one of the existing u nails in the framework.

Example: Our wonderful woodstove with a box fan to move the heat and laundry hanging from the new clothesline.


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