Best. Cookies. Ever.



This is a recipe I’ve mastered.  I don’t have measurements, I have a method. Follow the steps here for the best cookies ever.

Gather Your Goodies

Gathered goodies

Gathered goodies


Organic all purpose flour
Cane sugar
Dark brown sugar
Organic vanilla extract
Organic semi-sweet chocolate chips
Baking soda
One egg
One stick organic butter, unsalted; or, ½ c unrefined organic coconut oil, liquid; or, ½ c melted nonGMO buttery spread


One medium mixing bowl
Two sprayed cookie sheets
1/4 cup measuring scoop
1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon
Oven and microwave

Put a stick of butter in the mixing bowl in the microwave for 30-60 seconds, whatever your machine takes to melt the stick.

Gather all other goodies.

In the bowl on top of the butter, add one scoop cane sugar (1/4c) and two scoops brown sugar (1/2c); blend with spatula.

Add egg and two spoons of vanilla (1t) then mix well.

Add five scoops of flour (1 1/4c) plus one spoon each of the salt and baking soda (1/2t). Stir until all the dry is moist but not any more than that. (Too much man-handling makes for tough cookies [that’s what she said].)

Toss in enough chocolate chips to make you happy.

Turn on oven to 350.

While that is preheating, scoop dough onto the cookie sheets. Quarter-sized blobs a finger’s width apart is recommended. Shoving every fourth blob into your mouth so you can enjoy the goodness of the dough is also recommended. Salmonella, schmalmonella.

The oven and your blobs ought to be ready about the same time.

In they go!

In they go!

Bake for 8-10 minutes. [It takes 8 minutes exactly in my oven for the perfect soft and gooeyness we prefer. Just enough time to wash the dishes and get out a plate for the cookies. Maybe pour yourself a glass of milk.]

Remove sheets from oven and cookies from sheets right away; otherwise, they continue to cook.

DONE!  And off the sheets.

DONE! And off the sheets.

Voila! Best. Cookies. Ever.

Want just the dough? Skip the egg and add one scoop of milk (1/4c). We always have sweetened almond milk in our fridge so that’s what I use.

Note: Although I won’t judge you for eating the whole batch in one sitting, try to remember that means you will eat a whole stick of butter and almost a cup of sugar.

Aluminum baking sheets, $.88, easy to clean

Aluminum baking sheets, $.88, easy to clean

Parting bit: I bought Made-in-the-USA aluminum baking sheets at WalMart for 88 cents each. I don’t use cooking spray on them but I also don’t use metal spatulas or the like. Most of what I bake on these sheets comes right off. When I clean them, I use a non-scratch sponge and regular soap. I love these. They’re dirt-cheap, easy to clean, and made in America. My only warning is that THEY WILL RUST so don’t put them in the dishwasher or set them to soak in the sink.


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