The First 12 Weeks (AKA The Trimester of Hell)


It isn't bold but it is a plus sign!

It isn’t bold but it is a plus sign!

Thank you, readers.  I’m so glad you’re here.  Keep following me on the crazy, twisted path for more of my adventure.

I am totally going to blame pregnancy on my lack of posts lately.  Blogging was not on the forefront of my mind these past few months.  Not falling asleep at any given moment and praying for an ease to my back pain were priorities.

The Facts

I found out I was pregnant on March 10th.  By my calculations, the date of conception was February 22nd.  I was 124 lbs.  As I write this, I am 94 days pregnant and 127 lbs.  The projected due date is Friday, November 13th.

I see three midwives for my prenatal care.  These women all work out of my OBGyn’s office, and I see them on rotation.  That way, no matter when I go into labor, I know the midwife who will be easing my baby from my body… and she will know me.

A Bit of Background

The BHE and I had chosen to wait until after the first prenatal appointment (at 10 weeks) when I was pregnant with Angel Baby to inform anyone that we were expecting.  We told our families in person over the course of two weeks, then we informed all of our coworkers (and bosses, since they’d be directly affected).  Since it was late Fall, we chose to tell anyone and everyone we were pregnant via our annual Christmas card.  Then I made it “Facebook official.”

See, a few different couples we knew all gave us the same advice:  don’t announce it too early; miscarriages happen.  They are a loss unlike any other.  A grieving couple does not want to compound the pain by having to reverse their pregnancy announcement.  In fact, one friend explained the renewal of grief months after a miscarriage when he ran into well-meaning acquaintances at the grocery.  Taking a look at the statistics, you’ll see that chances for miscarriage drop considerably after 12 weeks.  Hence, why we waited until after the 10 week appointment (where we heard the heartbeat) and took a few more weeks to spread the news further and further.

She is so sweet and cute!  This was the perfect way to announce to the BHE what we had been hoping for months.

She is so sweet and cute! This was the perfect way to surprise the BHE with the good news.

The Sharing

I will dedicate a whole post to the various ways we announced we were pregnant this time.  Suffice it to say, we told our close family at 8 weeks then the majority of our friends at 9 weeks.  After the 10 week appointment, I made it “Facebook official” (and Instagram and Twitter).

I was much cleverer this time around, so stay tuned to Thoughtfully Sought to see what I came up with.  It’ll be on my Pinterest as well.

The announcement "fortune" on Easter Sunday.

The announcement “fortune” on Easter Sunday.

The Truth

This has been one hell of a trimester.  I’m not kidding you, my ass was handed to me.  Although I recall fatigue, vertigo, and hunger from my first pregnancy (with Angel Baby), my memories didn’t hold a candle to this misery.  Honestly:  more than once, I broke down crying that the physical pain was just too much.  Particularly my upper back, it felt like every bone in my body had been hit individually by a baseball bat.  Just awful.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t compare A to B, apples to oranges, every pregnancy is different, like every child is different, like every snowflake blah blah blah.  No, seriously, this was nothing like the last go-round.

Last time, I had hunger so bad it was almost nauseating.  This time, I didn’t want anywhere near food except first time after rising in the morning.  I didn’t really have “morning sickness”* last time, just some queasiness if I went more than an hour without eating.  This time, my “morning sickness” was “afternoon misery”: from roughly 4 to 7, I wanted to yak.  I never did, but there were plenty of times that I thought vomiting will alleviate the pain and discomfort.

I started to show already.  My hips went wide and my boobs popped out and there’s a wee baby bump going on.  Already.  At 12 weeks.  I remember my breasts being my first indicator (after the pee stick) that I was pregnant last time; they got hard and hot around 7 weeks and stayed uncomfortable for a couple months.  Then they just kept getting bigger.  This time, the boobies went BAM and look like they did around 7 months.  My hips started spreading around 10 weeks last time, sorta flattening my butt and thereby making it possible to stay in my regular (re: non-maternity) pants for most of my pregnancy.  Yesterday Last Sunday was Mothers’ Day, just past 13 weeks for me, and I was in maternity pants.  My butt looks the same but my hips are ready to do some birthin’!

{Enter picture of 12 week bump… nevermind.  I left myself this note then realized I’m in my skivvies in all the 12 week pictures I took.}

My skin is a wreck.  My hormones are outta whack (sobbing over the lack of cheese, for real).  My sleep pattern is ridiculously disturbed, from the need to pee every 2 hours to the weird-ass dreams.  OhmyGod, have you been warned about the dreams?!  I wasn’t.  It wasn’t until after they started during my first pregnancy that I looked that shit up and felt a little more normal.  They are so vivid and realistic that many times I wake confused, as though I shouldn’t be in my pjs in bed at 3:48 am but rather still in that jr. high class room or tipsy at that house party or whatever.  Do you have any idea how disappointed I was when I woke up to my half-remodeled house from a dream where the house was done and nicely furnished?  (Yeah, we’re rocking a lot of hand-me-down and Craigslist furniture up in here.)

Easing of the Insanity…with an End in Sight

It isn’t a magic number.  It isn’t like POOF you hit the end of the first trimester and all those early pregnancy symptoms go away.  There’s no red circle on the calendar that you can look at and take a deep breath because the shit is almost over.  However, it seriously worked that way for me.  I’m not kidding.  Honest to God, I woke up the morning of the first day of the 13th week and POOF my symptoms were less (and I’d gotten an entire 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, thank you Angel Baby and all the angels and saints).

I have some serious plans for this middle trimester, including taking advantage of Angel Baby’s naps to get in a few extra Zzzs myself, at least once a week.  I have a short list of things I “need” and another of things I “want” before this baby gets here.  I’ve got plenty of goodies from the last go-round so I’m not feeling too much pressure to go buy buy BUY like last time.  The pressure is on, however, to get the guest room turned into Angel Baby’s room so she can be a Big Girl and the nursery can go to the baby.  I “need” a dual stroller and I “want” a new diaper bag.  I “need” a new armchair for the nursery for better positioning during breastfeeding and I “want” a cosleeper for our bedroom.  Not too much is on these lists, but they are big ticket items.

Other plans for this trimester are to shore up the savings accounts, write weekly blog posts (at least), prepare some freezer meals, get in a small garden, and get my hair cut (which I do roughly annually).  I also hope this renewed energy lasts so I can get Angel Baby more involved with other kids.  We do a library story time at least once a week; I’d like to do at least twice a week plus visit friends who are also stay-at-home moms.  We’ll see.  Budget-willing, of course.

Here’s to the next 12 weeks!!

Are you in your first trimester?  What symptoms are you dealing with that you wish you’d heard about before?  Even if you’re not pregnant, what’s the most memorable misery you can share with others?  I’m talking realistic warnings for those thinking of becoming pregnant or who already are plus the significant other who got them there.


2 thoughts on “The First 12 Weeks (AKA The Trimester of Hell)

  1. bibliobabies

    Oh man. The first trimester really does suck; you feel like you’ve been run over by a train, super exhausted and nauseated but you can’t tell anyone why you’re such a zombie! Congratulations on making it through! 🙂


  2. bibliobabies

    Oh man. The first trimester really sucks! You feel so exhausted and nauseated but you can’t tell anyone why you’re such a zombie. Congrats on the new baby, and on getting through it!



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