Mama Said There’d Be (Rainy Sun)days Like This

Thoughtfully seeking a smoother path

Funny how staying on the positive path doesn’t mean being on a smooth, paved road through a beautiful field or wood… that some days the path feels like a rocky, uphill climb with only briars to grab for handholds.

Today is a struggle

Maybe it’s the heavily-interrupted less-than-five-hours of sleep.  It could be the drama drummed up by those I won’t bother naming. Maybe it was the running late for church because we just had to have pancakes. It could be the stress of a couple monthly bills going up.  Maybe it’s the screaming toddler because she woke too early and nap-time isn’t for another hour.  It could be me (and, I loathe to say it, my hormones).  Maybe I should stop listing all the possible things that sent me into this tailspin and start listing the reasons I need to straighten and climb.

Cue the religion

(That’s your clue to skip this paragraph if you don’t want a dose of churching.)

During mass today, the priest was discussing what the Holy Trinity is, how the Catholic church chose to define it back in 451. What stuck with me, though, was his closing line. After talking about the Trinity being a good example of selfless love and living in harmony (and being a prime template for all families, particularly husband and wife relationships), he said that if all persons practiced the love exemplified by the Holy Trinity, then we would already be experiencing the joys and peace of the eternal kingdom. We would have Heaven on Earth.

Revising my list

I am thankful for the love of my family and friends, the food in my belly, the clothes on my back, the roof over my head, and the ability to sustain these blessings.

I am grateful for the warm, dry bed I slept in last night and the safe vehicle that we drove to church this morning.

I am not resentful of others’ needs but grateful I can be of assistance to them.

I am not aggravated by the lack of sleep but grateful that the sleep I had was in comfort and safety.

I am not frustrated with Angel Baby’s cries and whining but grateful that she is healthy, dry, and fed… And only acting out to communicate that she is tired.

I am not hateful but grateful.

Now to meditate on this and keep my thoughts in the positive…

What keeps you on the level?


One thought on “Mama Said There’d Be (Rainy Sun)days Like This

  1. Joya

    I pray alot:0) I ask God to give me grace and let me show others grace. And some days I have to remind myself more than once..



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