Healthy Eating, part 2: The 2-Week Meal Plan (somewhat)

Two Week Meal Plan

As requested by my sister-in-law…




Barbara’s Organic Puffin cereal (on sale at Kroger and with coupon from

with sweetened almond milk (Blue Almond on sale at Kroger)

Organic banana cut up into cereal

Calcium fortified OJ (non organic due to price)

Coffee (half coffee, half sweetened vanilla almond milk)



Horizon organic cinnamon grahams (bogof from



Organic pasta with organic marinara and nonorganic “shake” cheese (I love Aldi’s)

Frozen organic peas (still frozen)


Sweetened almond milk on ice

Horizon organic cheese cows (bogof from



LEFTOVERS!  Grilled locally-raised and –butchered chicken kabobs with organic green peppers and white onions on salad with Wild Oats organic salad dressing (found at Walmart)

Organic corn tortilla chips with organic black bean and corn salsa (both Kroger “Simple Truth Organic” brand on sale)


Cheat of the day:  leftover Edward’s Hershey chocolate silk pie from weekend bbq

Do You See Any Patterns?




Organic old fashioned oats (bulk section at Fresh Thyme, purchased during 20% off all bulk goods sale) made with water*, organic raisins (Fresh Thyme bulk), organic cinnamon (Wild Oats organic at Walmart), and Smart Balance nonGMO buttery spread [I add nonorganic brown sugar to the top of mine]

*Making it with OJ or almond milk is a great alternative but I recommend doing half water, half oj or almond milk.  I think it cooks** better.

**By “cook,” I mean I mix it all together in a very large microwave-safe bowl and nuke it for 2 minutes, stir, nuke it for another minute, then let it sit for 5.  Otherwise, it is like trying to eat magma.

Juice and coffee like on Monday



Frozen organic grapes, cut into quarters for Angel Baby (purchased on sale in fresh produce then rinsed and destemmed before freezing at home)

Horizon organic cheese cows



Annie’s organic wheat boxed bunnies and cheese with finely chopped organic broccoli mixed in (used Smart Balance nonGMO buttery spread and unsweetened almond milk to prepare mac’n’cheese)

Organic apple, sliced and peeled for Angel Baby (I eat the peel)



Whatever juice is leftover from the morning

Yogurt (I like Wallaby brand organic yogurt and Silk nondairy yogurt alternative, in just about every flavor offered)



Locally-raised and –butchered ground beef, browned with bbq sauce, organic green peppers and white onions, salt and pepper, organic ketchup, and brown sugar served over organic potatoes (mashed with organic garlic and unsweet almond milk, boiled then cut and served with olive oil and black pepper, or sliced thinly and sprayed with nonGMO cooking spray before broiled for 25 minutes in the oven)

Tossed organic salad with Wild Oats organic dressing

Frozen organic peas and corn for Angel Baby since salad really isn’t a thing for toddlers

Maybe a beer or cider for the adults since alcohol really isn’t a thing for toddlers


Cheat of the day:  Turkey Hill Natural vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Getting the Idea?

Instead of typing out a whole two weeks’ worth of meals, I’ll sum up the ideas for you here.  Just remember to drink water as often as possible throughout the day.  Your body and mind need it for a million different things (no exaggeration).  Squeeze some lime or squish some berries in it but DRINK WATER.

Scroll on down to the bottom to see how Sundays are different for us.


Organic cold cereal or old fashioned oats (not the quick cook kind!) with some kind of organic fruit and something other than water to drink

The BHE needs protein to get his day started, more than just a yogurt or fortified cereal can provide.  He eats a couple humanely-raised eggs plus leftover pancakes*** or leftover dinner meat or leftover potatoes or… I guess whatever he takes out of the fridge before he leaves for work.


An organic fruit or vegetable with an organic carb or protein:  banana with peanut butter, grapes and cheese cows, sliced apples and sharp cheddar cheese cubes, rice crackers with buttery spread and sliced tomatoes, etc


We’re really big on leftovers, so see dinner ideas.  Sometimes lunch just looks like a large-scale version of both snacks combined, with things like cheese cubes, frozen grapes and peas, fresh peaches, rice crackers, yogurt, etc.  Sometimes this is where we have our daily cheat and eat something nonorganic like pretzel sticks.


An organic fruit or vegetable with an organic carb or protein:  chips and salsa, popcorn and raisins, pears and graham crackers, yogurt with frozen blueberries, etc


Spaghetti:  organic marinara, browned local ground beef, fresh or frozen organic vegetables, organic wheat pasta or gluten-free pasta; this is also a great chance to use my meatballs (which freeze well)

Murphy Potato Soup and Sarah’s Irresistible Soda Bread

Meat junk:  the bbq meat thing I described for Tuesday (see above) [again, the meatballs, just do the bbq thing instead of the marinara thing] served over Annie’s organic mac’n’cheese or some kind of organic potato with salad, peas, or green beans on the side (I love to saute cooked green beans and carrots in butter, garlic, and Creole seasoning.)

Grill night:  locally-raised, -butchered, and –crafted German bratwurst served with potatoes, onions, and peppers wrapped in foil with olive oil and black pepper plus steamed, buttered organic corn on the side (Don’t forget some chow-chow for those brats!)

Asian inspiration:  chicken (previously cooked and shredded then frozen) steamed with broccoli, peppers, onions, carrots, and peas tossed with Asian sauce of your choice (Organicville’s teriyaki and Mae Ploy’s sweet chili) served with brown rice (previously steamed in great batches then frozen for easy and quick use)

Oh My Pot Pie

Mexican night:  nachos that are just chips with melted cheese, browned meat with either salsa or bbq sauce, black beans, corn, and avocado

Sometimes burgers with cheese, sometimes no meat at all but extra beans, sometimes something super easy like Applegate’s hot dogs with Kettle Brand chips and a tossed salad or steamed whatever-we’ve-got, sometimes a bizarre mix of everything you see above because I didn’t feel like cooking and the fridge was full of small portions of leftovers


Best. Cookies. Ever.

Turkey Hill Natural ice creams (try the salted caramel… and try not to eat the whole thing)

Bitchin’ Brownies

A second hard cider


Everything in moderation.  Except the water.  I think I drank 100 oz yesterday, not including juice, coffee, almond milk, etc.  Then again, it was in the high 80s with high humidity (hello, Indiana in June!) and I did some serious yard work while Angel Baby took a nap.

We have our cheat days.  Not just something non-organic as an add-in or dessert.  I mean, we eat in line with our diet and ideals for breakfast, snacks, and lunch, then we have dinner out with my father at this fantabulous pizza place where we load up on wheat beer, non-organic and gluten-full crust with sauce, meat, cheese, and veggies that may or may not have had their pesticides washed off.  We’ll eat a good breakfast, take healthy snacks, then bomb out on lunch at a chain American food restaurant or this great Mexican place in the Levee, but return to our home for a nice, organic, home-cooked meal… reheated from last night.

***Stay tuned to Thoughtfully Sought to read about our Sundays and get the recipe for the perfect pancakes.


I am not a professional… anything.  I’m not a trained cook, I’m not a licensed dietician, I am not an authority on anything other than the life I lead.  My education includes a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in Library Sciences.  What I have presented to you here is nothing more than what I feed my family.  Maybe it is a place for you to start your family down a cleaner, greener, happier, healthier path through life; maybe it is what sparks you to thoughtfully seek something different or better.  I wish you luck but do not presume to have answers or medical guidance.  That’s what your doctor and WebMD (just kidding!) are for.

Also, I did not include pictures because this post is long enough without them.  Click on the links.  They have pictures.


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