Healthy Eating, part 2.5

Remember, please, that we are trying to be as healthy and organic as possible with our diet.  We have breaks from this, whether out of desire (Bruno’s Pizza, anyone?) or out of cost (organic meat can be cost-prohibitive).  While I can say we are roughly 80% organic and 50% gluten free in what we buy and eat, it is that other percent that people like to jump on and say, Ah HA!, THAT isn’t organic, gluten-free, corn-syrup-free, etc.

Why people have to look for faults and pounce is beyond me.

I contacted one of my cousins whom I knew to be vegan to ask a bit about her lifestyle.  I wasn’t thinking we would go vegan but that she may have some great recipes/ideas for us to supplement our protein diet (see above where I mentioned organic meat).  One of the things she said was that it might be best if you keep your dietary choices to yourself.

“My only real advice is to be sure you have a thick skin. I try not to broadcast what I do and don’t eat because the minute I do, someone has a very strong opinion about it.” 

Ain’t that the truth, beautiful?


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