Baby Shower Gifts, part 3: Wrapping It Up

Whoa.  First I’m writing about making baby shower gifts, then I’m not writing at all as I travel as fast as I can to meet my new nephew.

Sweetest Defined

Sweetest Defined

Let Me Say This

We forget about the mother.  For nine months, we ask her how she is doing, compliment her glow and her belly, talk about symptoms and cravings, and throw parties where we give her lots and lots of stuff.  Then the baby arrives.  And it is all about baby.  All. About. Baby.

I’m not saying EVERYONE forgets about Mommy.  But more often than not, she doesn’t even get looked in the eye as friends and family (and complete strangers at the grocery) automatically zero in on the bundle in her arms.

All I’m saying is this:  Look her in the eye.  Ask her how she is doing.  Compliment her glow and lack of belly or return of physique or even just that she’s wearing a shirt without spit-up.  Talk about her symptoms and needs.  And if you visit her, please make it less of a party and more of short visit where you clean up the lots and lots of stuff that seems to have vomited all over her kitchen, couches, dining room, bathroom, etc.  Don’t forget that the mother, who went from vessel to dairy cow and laundress, is still a person.

What a Girl Wants

Here's a nice shot of the completed project, neatly laid out on my couch.

Here’s a nice shot of the completed project, neatly laid out on my couch.

My baby shower gifts to my sister-in-law included just a few handmade things… and a bottle of wine.  The gifts weren’t just for the baby either.  If you take a look at this post about knitting, you’ll see that the colors are her favorites and the blanket was for her lap.  Sure, in this post, I showed you the cute baby blanket that could be used as a floor cover while my new nephew played with the toys I made him.  But the cute stuff (and even the practical stuff) only go so far for the parents.  What about Mom and Dad?

That’s why I made the blanket:  to remind my sister-in-law that not only am I thinking of her but that she needs to remember her comforts, too.  Here’s a lap blanket to cover YOU with while YOU feed your son…or finally sit down after your kids are in bed to enjoy THIS bottle of wine.  Ta-Dah!  For YOU, new mommy.

So many gifts given at showers are to help prepare the new parents for a newborn:  tiny booties and hats, miniature clothes, itty bitty blankets and stuffed animals, and even diapers and wipes.  Having had Angel Baby less than two years before, I remembered what I had truly wanted, what I was surprised to received, and what I thought immediately after unwrapping needed to go straight back to the store.  I wanted to give something to my sister-in-law she could truly use for her-as-a-new-mom.  And what could be better than giving her comfort in the form of a blanket and a bottle?!

No, seriously, when the stresses of the day wear you down and you just want to curl up and cry (but don’t because you’re too exhausted even for that), uncork some wine, wrap yourself in a blanket, and recognize that these two things are the best hug I can give you RIGHT NOW even though I live over an hour and a half away.

The Gifts

The Gifts

I’m So Cheap

The yarn was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics and I bought the needles with the 40% off coupon I pulled off of their website.  The wine wasn’t high-dollar stuff but just a type I knew she had enjoyed before.  The bag and paper it was all bundled in was honest-to-God some that I had kept after my various baby showers.  Cheap-ass gift straight from the heart and hands.  Love you, baby sis!


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