The Kindness of Strangers

There is loveliness still in the world.

Searching for Something that Works

I do a lot of sewing and knitting, very basic stuff, but that which I refuse to buy: kitchen towels, bedroom curtains, Angel Baby’s costumes, a Boppy cover, sheets for the co-sleeper, most gifts I give, et cetera. Most of this I have done by hand but sometimes I borrow my MIL’s machine.  I do have my own machines.  Yes, plural.  I have three machines, none of which work.  *sigh*

brother xl5130

The new machine!

A few days ago on Craigslist, I saw a brand-new Brother sewing machine for sale for $75. They run around $90 or so online and over $110 in stores. The seller bought it off “a hoarder lady” who never took it out of the box. I contacted him yesterday, got the details, and ran it by the BHE… who decided our money could be spent elsewhere and I can just keep borrowing my MIL’s machine. True. I agree.

Pay It Forward

When I replied to the seller that we weren’t interested, he asked why (was concerned I may not have believed him about it never being out of the box, I guess). So I told him the truth: I’m a SAHM with a baby on the way and our one income has to be closely monitored.

He replied that he would like to “donate” the machine to our family, that he strongly believes in paying it forward, and that we can come get it from him any time (then included his address).

The BHE went to pick it up, chatting briefly with the gentleman, leaving with the machine.  The seller (should I now say “donator”?) later texted me to thank me for the chance to help us and hoping I’d share with him how I liked the machine.

Expressions of Gratitude Seeming So Inadequate

Thank you, generous sire, for the renewed sense of peace and the possibility that humanity might just maybe make it.  I doubt my replies to our wholly text message conversation were enough to express how grateful I really am.

Have you paid it forward lately?


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