From Her Perspective

Another glimpse at the world through a toddler’s eyes

Sitting on the couch the other day with Handsome Rover on my lap, Angel Baby walked up and pointed at her new brother’s eyes.

“His eyes blue.”  She pointed at my eyes.  “Mommy eyes blue, too.”  I smiled and agreed with her, repeating her words as I always do so that she hears proper pronunciation and verb usage as well as knows that I am listening and understood her.

“What color my eyes?” Angel baby asked, pointing at her face.

“They’re gray, like Grandma Lucy’s,” I said without thinking.  Her middle name is Lucille after my grandmother, whom I used to speak to weekly, for an hour each time.

The grandmother who passed away two weeks ago.

I caught my own words and my eyes got that familiar prick as my throat developed that familiar burn, the one that happens when you try to shut down the tears before they start.

This kid picks up more than I give her credit for, surprising me all the time.  Angel Baby remembered the visitation and funeral we attended last week.

“Oh.  Like Gamma eyes.  Where did Gamma Lucy go?” she asked, putting her hands up in a common gesture of questioning.

“Grandma Lucy isn’t here anymore.  Do you remember where we went last week?  That was to say goodbye to Grandma.”  I know I was squeezing Handsome Rover too tight as I was trying to not choke up.

“Oh.  Yeah.  Goodbye to Gamma.  She not here now.  She gone.  She went home.  We see her again but not soon.”

She nodded through the first half of her stream of words but was shaking her head when she reached the end.

I swear, toddlers are sponges, absorbing the world and sending it back out after a liquid filtering of the words, meanings, and life around them.


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