My Annual Fundraising for the March of Dimes

Every year for the past 6 years, I have walked with the same team in the March of Dimes’ local March for Babies.  I have raised over $1000 in the years I’ve done this, and that really isn’t that much, just a drop in the bucket.


Won’t you help me help babies?

My NICU Nightmare

I carried both of my pregnancies to term. Both of my children were born after 41 weeks and were perfectly healthy.

Just two days after he was born, a standard blood culture run by the hospital came back positive and my newborn baby boy had to undergo special treatment starting about the time we should’ve been going home. My whole world view changed this past Thanksgiving as part of my heart was taken away to the NICU.

My healthy baby boy had to have a week’s worth of iv antibiotics, two diffent kinds to be precise. The first iv in the crook of his left arm worked its way out so the next went in his right arm; when that came out, they ran one into his scalp. It really is less cumbersome and painful for the little ones, but to see it is to be terrified.



We are fortunate compared to other moms and dads who live for a bit in the NICU. Our boy was healthy. I’m a SAHM so didn’t have to worry about getting back to a job, just back to our daughter. The BHE had saved up his PTO so was able to split his time between the newborn and me in the hospital and our sweet angel baby at home.

It was hell.

But we are fortunate.

Our time in the NICU was short with a very positive outcome. There was no great fear nor major questions lingering over our heads while we were there. We knew when we were going home and that our boy would be healthy when we did.

March of Dimes

Not everyone whose baby enters the NICU has such an easy time or happy outcome.

The team I walk with has a young boy we really around who was born at 27 weeks, 3 days, only 2 lbs 4 oz. The time and terror his parents spent in the NICU is unbelievable.


I walk with and raise money for the March of Dimes to help families like theirs. It isn’t just about nursing preemies to health and preparing them for the world outside of the womb; it’s about finding how we can stop premature births from ever happening.

It pains me to point out that not all premature babies do leave the hospital in the arms of their parents. I want to do whatever I can to save lives and help the families affected by premature birth.

Your Contribution

Help me help the March of Dimes help babies. Please click on my fundraising link and donate to this worthy cause before I walk in 3 days. You can learn more about the March of Dimes here.

As I said on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, just $5 from everyone connected to me via social media and I would raise more than TRIPLE what I pledged. I know I left this for last minute, but any contribution you make to the cause would be greatly appreciated. Again, just click on this link to donate.

Thank you.


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