Party Planning with the Guest of Honor

…When the Guest of Honor is going to be 3

Conversations with a toddler are sometimes interesting and eye-opening, sometimes deep and meaningful, but oft times downright confusing.  I really thought if I asked straight-forward questions, I could come up with a theme for her third birthday party.  If I want to get out invites with a 6-week lead, I really need to get on this!

Enjoying Chair Time* this afternoon, I decided to have a conversation about her likes and dislikes with my Angel Baby.  A nice, quiet atmosphere, relaxed and thinking about what brings us joy.

She was no help

Me:  Y’know, your birthday is coming up, and Mommy and Daddy want to have a party for you.  Would you like a party?

Angel Baby:  Uh-huh.

Me:  Try saying, ‘Yes, please.’

AB:  Uh-huh.

Me:  Well, I was thinking bold colors and pretty flowers and something fun, so like Rainbows and Butterflies for my little lady.

AB:  I wanna watch a moovee.

Me:  We can watch one of the movies we got at the library today AFTER you sleep.  Let’s focus on this party we’re going to have for your birthday. … What’s your favorite animal?

AB (holding her favorite stuffed animal, a fox she calls Darla):  Elephant.

Me (a bit shocked):  Elephant?  Ok, cool.  … What’s your favorite color?

AB:  Ornch.

Me (again, shocked):  Orange?  Alright.  An orange elephant.

AB:  Boo.

Me:  You like blue?!  Me, too.

AB:  I like diffent boos.  Two boos.

Me:  Two different blues?  We can do that.

AB:  An geen an red an ornch.

Me:  Great!  A rainbow elephant.  I can work with this.  What is your favorite food?

AB:  Boo.

Me:  Like, blueberries?

AB:  No.  Boo.  Two diffent boos.  An geen an red.

Me:  Alright.  How about, um, what’s your favorite movie?**

AB:  The no-man moovee.

Me (rolling my eyes):  Yes, we got the snowman movie from the library*** again.  You like the snowman?

AB:  Yeah, no-man.  He white.

Me:  Ok, we could do a Snow in July theme, go with white and snow and Olaf the Snowman and… what kind of music should we have?  Do you like the songs from the snowman movie?

AB:  I like Raindrops an Beggarman an Sunshine.

Me:  Raindrops on Roses?  And You Are My Sunshine?

AB:  Yeah.  An Beggarman.****

Me:  Wow.  This was an unproductive conversation.

AB:  Yes.  Like dinner.  You say to me, ‘You ah innerupeen my consayshun with Dahdee.’

Me (rolling my eyes again):  Yes, you interrupt Daddy and Mommy when we try to have a conversation at the dinner table. It isn’t polite.  You should let Mommy and Daddy talk like adults sometimes.

Me:  So, back on point, do you want a rainbow elephant with butterflies or white snowmen for your birthday?

AB:  Oooh, the no-man moovee after nap.  I want watch that.  From lahbee.

Me (done):  Yeah, the snowman movie from the library.  We’ll watch it after your nap.  I’m going to put you in the crib now.  I love you.

I still don’t know what I’m doing for her party.  HELP!  Any thoughts you’ve got, post ’em below.  I could use all the input you can give.


*What we call “Chair Time” is the 15 minutes of winding down we do with Angel Baby prior to her sleeping, whether at naptime or bedtime.  She has a noise machine with a projector that can be set for different times, the shortest being 15 minutes.  This is the time we take to brush teeth, put on pjs, read a book, snuggle in the chair in her room, sing songs, talk about our day, et cetera.  She knows this is (a) uninterrupted time with Mommy at naptime and Daddy at bedtime and (b) she will be going to sleep as soon as that projector clicks off.  You can read a bit more about it here.

**I crossed my fingers here. She’s been watching Madagascar lately.  We did a zoo theme for her last birthday party; we could either do it again, reusing all the stuff I still have, or just focus on elephants and zebras or something.  Alas, the finger-crossing was for naught.

***Hell, no, we don’t own it.  I’ve seen what that movie does to little girls and the families they live with.

****The BHE has an amazing voice, and his favorite music to sing are sea shanties and Irish folk music.  Think Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.  And if you don’t know the Clancy Brothers or Tommy Maken, please go broaden your mind.


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