Another Crafty Thing by Sarah: Birthday Party Invitations

The Angel’s third birthday is fast approaching.  I talked to her awhile back about what she would like at her birthday party.  Then I set my gears to grinding, and this is what I came up with!

The Process

First things first:  talk to the BHE.  We looked at his work schedule and everything we have going on socially in the months of June and July (Angel’s birthday is at the beginning of July).  We decided on a Sunday in June.

Rolling with her “theme”, we discussed what I should make versus what I should buy, set a budget, and then the BHE dusted his hands of it.  Which is how we typically roll with the parties.  I make decisions and work my magic, then a few days beforehand, I give him a list.  His magic is worked within a few extremely hard-working hours.  Mine must marinate.

The Invites

Yay!  I get to make something fun.  I just love making cards and invites and decorations.  On the computer, that is.  I had some fun with a Cricut last year, but I decided that it wasn’t worth the time and effort.  I’d rather make in on my computer and hit print.  I guess if I need something cut out, I’ll find my scissors.

Back on point:  she wanted elephants and green, red, orange, and two different blues.  Lucky for me, our family photos we did at Target back in January had her in blue!  I used one of the best shots of her beautiful face, played with the editing options in Word, added a clipart balloon, and came up with the biggest yet easiest part of the invite image.

Then I went into Paint and free-handed an elephant.  Because I’m just so awesome*, the third attempt is the elephant I went with.  Then I gave him striped legs!  Next, I selected a photo from the Target ones that really showed her blue and white striped dress.  I used the cropping tools as well as the shape drawing tools to get a heart with her dress’s stripes.  That was the elephant’s ear.  Again, I’m just so proud of myself.

The Wording

I’m not sharing this with the Internet because I don’t want a ton of strangers showing up for my daughter’s birthday party.  Or knowing where we live.  Suffice it to say, I kept my wording short and simple.  I reminded everyone she will be 3, the party will be at our address from such hour to another, and I can be reached at my number or my email.  Short, sweet, and to the point!

The Guest List

Ok, admittedly, I should’ve figured out my guest list before printing my invites.  However, I didn’t do it that way.  Trying to keep within the budget we set for ourselves, I printed the invites on blank 4.5×6.5 cardstock that I already had.  I have very colorful envelopes in my stash, too.  But postage!  Sheesh, the USPS does us a great service, but the price of stamps is starting to drain me.  Which is why I printed 10 invites, knowing that would be almost $5 out of my teeny tiny party budget just to invite people.

Catch-22:  I’m inviting everyone via a Facebook group and an email, while a select few (well, 10) are getting the paper copies that I’m so proud of.  I guess that is why the cost of stamps keeps going up.  Whatever.

I need to go review my list, gather postal addresses, and create a FB invite.

The Finished Product


What do you think?


*Hey, gotta give yourself props whenever you can.


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