Strawberry Summer Frozen Treat

My poor Angel has a cold in the middle of summer. It’s hot, she’s hot, we’re all hot. And she wants ice cream.

I don’t have any. What’s a mommy to do?!

It’s So “Nice”

I’ve heard this is called “nice cream”: frozen pureed bananas with whatever other yummy add-ins you like. It is dairy-free with only natural sugars, nothing added but what you put in it. You could call it vegan or cruelty-free or all natural.

The Angel calls it ice cream. Shhh, don’t bother explaining the difference. She’s three.

I had purchased a bunch of marked down organic bananas a few days before I tried this recipe with the idea I’d chop and freeze them for future smoothies. This is less mess and more kid friendly.


This takes roughly 5 minutes to put together, about 3 hours in the freezer, and just a few moments of clean up.


8 (old) bananas
1 cup cut strawberries
(Optional) 2 T almond milk



Peel bananas and place them in a blender or food processor. Puree until smooth. Add almond milk if you want to help the blending.


Add strawberries (or blueberries or vanilla extract or chocolate chips or cookie dough or whatever you like in ice cream. … or nothing at all and just skip this step) and pulse to get them sorta chopped and stirred.


Pour mixture into molds or loaf pan. Freeze at least 3 hours.


How cute are these?! Picked up 4 for 25 cents at a Trinity Mission store.



Angel Baby was sick and she’s 3 so waiting any amount of time was not to be had.  Therefore, she got a small scoop of the unfrozen yumminess to tide her over.

We each had a scoop once it was frozen. She loved it! I can tell you that so long as it is frozen, it doesn’t taste like bananas. It was sweet but otherwise flavorless unless I got a bite of the berries, too.

If you aren’t a big fan of banana flavor, you should still try this. You might really like it!

It also has a consistency that is more like a popsicle than a creamy scoop of dairy-based ice cream. Soft enough to bite but with some of that crystalline quality. I don’t know if adding the almond milk changed it that much.

You Try

And come back here to tell us what you think.


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