Trying to Unstuff

Dear Readership and Social Media World,

In. Un. Dated.  Inundated.  There is no better word.  There’s just been so much STUFF going on.  And coming in.  And going out.  Just stuff, Stuff, STUFF.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, and it is all one can do to stay afloat in the rushing river of life.

Today I write to you to just remind you that I am here and constantly thinking of what to share with you next.  I have two recipes with photos just waiting to be posted (after editing, of course), another BzzAgent bzz campaign, my efforts towards debt consolidation and pay off, and our embracing of the idea of Minimalism with an unstructured attempt at the challenge of shedding all the extra Stuff.

Stay tuned to Thoughtfully Sought as I write and photograph and share with you the stumbles and sprints I’m making down my path through life.  I feel that the latest flood is starting to slow to a trickle and I’ll have more dry times ahead to spend blogging.

Until then, enjoy some recipes and try out knitting.

Yours truly and thankfully,



5 thoughts on “Trying to Unstuff

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