Together on the Path

About a month ago, I really stepped up my game of removing the excess from our life.  I’m talking the Stuff in our house as well as the mental clutter that comes from too much going on in our minds and in our home.

However, let us note, that I do not live in a bubble.  I live in a large house with my husband and two children as well as our pets, and we often open our home to our friends and family.  In fact, the BHE’s family lives very close to us.  This is why he definitely had to be in on what I was doing with my days while he was at work.

Thoughtfully informing so it was lovingly embraced…

The BHE was on board with what I was doing for a handful of reasons.  He, too, recognizes the need for less Stuff, for owning only what you truly need or truly love.  The rest of it is just Junk.  He agrees that less Things means less work:  less cleaning and moving and decorating and baby-proofing and so on.

Since deciding that we would like to sell our house and move into a smaller home, we can easily see it is time to remove lots of the Stuff.  Do it now and every day rather than have to box it all up to move it and again go through all the Things we’ve acquired, whether we want it or not.

It is the right thing to do.

He also sees, as I do, how unchristian it is to have all this Stuff.

Never did Jesus say we needed to accumulate loads of Crap just because we are able.  That’s actually quite ungrateful of us, to seize every blessing we can, to excess.  It is also unchristian to not share, to not provide for the needy, to not give and be generous.

When we were buying all this Stuff, we weren’t thinking how it would help those less fortunate than us; we weren’t thinking how all these possessions would better us or the world.  We were just getting Things because they fit in our house or were on sale or looked nice or could possibly fill that blank spot on the wall, in the living room, by the back door, or in our minds.

Yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way.

It was in Ruth Soukup’s Unstuffed that I was reminded that what we have isn’t truly ours but rather God’s.  These Things are His and we were chosen to be His stewards.  So what are we doing with His money!?  Does He really want that Thing, that one more piece of Junk, which fits the theme of that one room in our house?  Or would He rather I spend those fifteen bucks on dry goods I can drop off at the food pantry?

For real, people.

Ask yourself that question the next time you are at a store looking at a Thing that some part of you thinks you want:

What else could I do with that money?

Ask yourself this one, too:

What else could I do with the time it will take me to care for this Thing?

After all, it will need transported home, cleaned, placed, cleaned again, and will eventually end up blending with the scenery or becoming just another Thing in all the Stuff weighing you down.

Do you really need more to weigh you down?  Does your family want to be more weighed down?  Don’t we all want to be a little bit lighter in our hearts and minds?


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