Internal Balloons

Sometimes, I get carried away explaining things to my daughter.  Maybe it is because I’m such a nerd, or maybe it is because she is so intelligent and mature for her age.  Either way, sometimes trying to clarify the way the world or our bodies work turns to smite me.

Mealtime Conversations

Finishing lunch the other day, I was clearing the table and reminded the Angel she needed to wash her hands in the bathroom.  Her argument, per usual, was that she didn’t need to pee.  I explained that the bathroom serves many purposes, like peeing when your bladder is full or washing your hands when they are dirty.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said “bladder” because that set off a conversation I’ll never forget.

I explained that a bladder is like a balloon that fills with pee.  When it gets full of pee, like a balloon, it could burst, which is why we get the feeling that we need to go to the bathroom to use the potty.

This explanation was met with disbelief.

Carried Away

I then proceeded to describe all internal organs as some sort of balloon filling with different things:  lungs pull in and push out air, the stomach collects food and expels it towards the bladder and bowels, and the bowels are like a balloon for poop.

She had to stop me there.  I had, so far, gotten looks that became increasingly unimpressed and disbelieving.  She thought I was making it up!

I said I could show her pictures of “internal organs” to prove that our “anatomy” is really a bunch of balloons.

Not So Much

Using the Google search bar app on my smartphone, I requested images of our anatomy that were presented as coloring pages.  I showed the results to the Angel, getting excited about explaining things to her.

Her face, if anything, went from disbelieving to complete disgust.

I thought she was grossed out to learn about all these “balloons” inside of our bodies.  Instead, she was disgusted with me for not producing what I promised.

“Mommy, where the poop?  I want pictures of poop balloons.”

Since I couldn’t produce such a thing, she rolled her eyes and left the room.

She’s only 3.


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