Saturday Morning Cartoon Faces

Really, the most important thing to a toddler’s well-being is the attention of her parents.


We have a television, the appliance.  We do not have tv, the medium.  We don’t watch tv.  We don’t really have time for it.

The Angel was around 2 years old the first time we turned the television on FOR HER.  Sure, we had parked ourselves on the couch to watch a movie (we have a DVD/VCR combo) while she was in the room.  But she didn’t have time to sit and watch it with us.  You know how BUSY a 2 year old is!

Now, we pick up different movies from the library (FREE!) or watch the handful of kids’ movies that we own.  There’s at least an hour of television time each day in our house.  Part of me cringes but part of me challenges you to judge me.  Like, seriously, I need a break, too!

We don’t have access to the crap that is on tv these days.  We also don’t HAVE to watch commercials.  We have much more control over what is shown on our television.

Not complete control, mind you, because the Angel really likes Signing Time (the BHE can’t stand it but even I have learned some ASL) and Strawberry Shortcake (I can sing the theme song, and I do… All. Day. Long.)

Having Fun

But, really, the Angel wants me to be present.  It isn’t enough to turn on a cartoon for her.  She wants me to sit with her.  Or dance, if Strawberry gets her guitar out.

She likes to share the experience with me.  Most of the time, I do fold laundry on the couch or leave to wash dishes.  Saturday mornings, though, should be sacred for cartoon watching.

Without further ado, I will share with you how I make it through Max and Ruby, the four-thousandth screening of Shrek 2 (“The Kitty Movie”), and Baby Signing Time.


Really, I don’t mind watching Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid again and again.  And I would prefer if she would always request a Harry Potter or Narnia. The selfie setting is a lot of help, though, when I have to suffer through “The Bear Movie” (Open Season 2) or “The Fox Movie” (The Fox and the Hound).


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