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I’m Sarah:  a wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, writer, reenactor, librarian, cook, housekeeper, Potterphile, bibliophile, Boilermaker, cat lady, traveler, hiker, owl collector, work-at-home mother, and future library director or professor.  I hold a BA in English Language and Literature and an MLS.  I live in the Midwest with my husband (the BHE), our daughter (the Angel), our son (the Rover), two cats, and a dog in a 3000+-sq-ft, 110+-year-old house across the street from my mother-in-law (the MIL) and 8 miles from my father-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew.

The BHE (Best Husband Ever) is an amazing man, friend, son, father, and handyman.

The Angel is, at the time of this writing, almost 3 years old with a colorful personality that includes stubbornness and strong opinions.  She is potty-trained except for overnight and has a vocabulary that blows most people away.  Also, her appetite blows people away; she eats like an adult, both in quantity and variety.

The Rover is, right now, the largest 5 month old I’ve ever held.  He is bright and cheerful, doesn’t sleep nearly enough to give his mommy rest, and has nailed every milestone.  At almost 6 months old, he is growing out of his 9m-sized clothes.

All three of our pets are male and neutered.  “The Boys” are declawed, overweight housecats:  Nicky and Princess.  Murph is the mutt that only comes in when it is cold outside.


The BHE and I met almost 11 years ago.  The clouds parted and the angels sang.  We were married in 2009 and took a lovely honeymoon in Ireland.  We bought our house in 2010, I started my Masters in 2011, and we learned from our fabulous friends that there is no such thing as “the right time” to have a baby.

Yes, that is the ridiculously short version of our story.  But the impetus behind this blog starts at this point:  we wanted to have children but it. just. wasn’t. happening.

After a handful of tests and plenty of discussions, there was a bit of introspection.  And then a book.  Then a documentary.  And then… the lifestyle overhaul.

The book:  Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD
The movie:  Food Inc
The overhaul:  gluten-free, non-GMO, chemical-free, non-waste… our food, our cleaners, our home, our money, our friendships

We had tried for a couple years to become pregnant, to no avail.  Our delightful doctor, after a battery of tests, said we fell into that portion of couples who couldn’t conceive for no discernible reason.  Since neither of us were truly happy with the way we looked, felt, trudged through daily life, Wheat Belly and Food Inc were just the push we needed to make changes.

And, boy, did things change!  I dropped 12 pounds in 5 weeks; the BHE lost almost 20 pounds in that time.  After ridding our bodies and home of chemicals, genetically modified foods, gluten and wheat products, we found ourselves feeling better, looking better, and pregnant.  I don’t know if these are standard results but, hey, this is what worked for us.

We keep reading and researching, keep discovering better and healthier ways, keep trying to better ourselves.  It is an unending process.  This is a path that we will be on for our whole lives, thoughtfully seeking ways to improve.  So enjoy the blog.  Take what you want from it, incorporate what sounds like it is a good fit for your life, and keep coming back for more. We see our efforts as a healthy alternative to what has been shoved down our throats (figuratively and literally) for the majority of our lives.

Keep your mind open and you may just learn something about yourself as you seek out a thoughtfully sought path through your life.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Michelle Ford

    This is your new blog I take it? If so, this it fantastic! Keep it coming. You know I secretly have a blog too. When ready I will let it loose to my friends. Brave, you are Congrats!


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