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Wet and Wild Saturday Night

Oh, yeah, baby. This is the life!

Shortly before the sun went down (at the wickedly late time of 6:23 pm), the BHE and I loaded up the SUV to go to town* for our first foray into a dog wash. Woot!

Go ahead, read that shiznit again. That’s right, a dog wash.

Not Happy

Redefining “fun”

Murph is a mainly-outdoor 40lb canine. Best dog ever. But after a summer of staying outdoors, the boy stank something fierce. As the snow and bitter winds begin to blow into the Midwest, we had to get his stinky puppy self into a bath before we could bring him inside.  See, no matter how much of an outdoorsy guy he is, it is too cold to leave him out overnight through late fall and winter. 

Thank goodness the crate fit into the SUV. We drove straight to Pet Supplies Plus, gave them our eight bucks (yep, 8 whole dollars for this wet and wild night), and walked Murph into the wash station.

Here’s the back story, as short as I can make it: the BHE found Murph along the Wabash River. This poor dog, roughly a year old, was skinny and skittish. The BHE got him home, fed, and loved…before I even knew he existed. Murph has since proven himself to be freaking awesome: barks at bad guys but not the meter reader, crate trained on first use, doesn’t jump or dig, and sits to the side when being fed. When he is inside, he waits to be welcomed into the couch and just wants to lean on you. Best dog ever.

However, prior to the BHE discovering the sweet pup, some monster hurt him. Murph is still skittish around men, water (especially hoses), and belts.  True story: the BHE was undressing one night before bed; as he whipped his belt off through the loops, Murph saw that strap of leather, heard its movement, and promptly pissed himself as he cowered. The BHE and I both dropped to the floor to comfort him, both us us angry at whoever did whatever they did to such a sweet puppy to cause that kind of reaction. Since then, certain aspects of his career have fallen to me, the non-threatening female who talks silly baby talk to him.

Hence, why it was me soaked at the dog wash while the BHE carried the angel around the store. Our Pet Supplies Plus has a great selection of animals for entertaining toddlers: ferrets (henceforth to be referred to as Malfoys), fish, snakes, birds, and cats.

Sarah and Murph

Workin’ it

Washing and drying time: 21 minutes

Cost of wash: $8

Cost of dog treat: $3.16 after tax

Overall reaction from this SAHM towards this wet and wild Saturday night: Woot. (No exclamation point.)

Will he ever forgive me?

Will Murph ever forgive me? Come back for updates!

* “town”: a big deal for us rural folk, particularly me, the SAHM who leaves the house one a week for story hour at the library. Stay tuned to this blog for more on our nearest thriving metropolis.