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Plea to My People

**This is an edited version of the post I added to a Facebook group I lovingly dubbed “The Village Fountain”.**

Dear Villagers,

I need your help.

Yesterday, I accepted a job offer to become the Communications Specialist for the Diocese.  I will be working on their newsletter, subscriptions, website, web presence, and parish websites.  This job is basically my dream job; I say “basically” because I’ll be working for a non-profit, which means I won’t be making $2 million a year doing it.

As my new boss said, my skill set is vast and my education is impressive.  I also know that I am stubborn and prideful.  But beyond these things, I am intelligent.  I am smart enough to know when to shelve my pride and stubbornness to ask for help.  None of us were meant to go through life alone, so I am reaching out to each of you for assistance.

Taking this position means that I “switch” with the BHE:  he will stay home with the kids, work on the houses, start projects at the farm, and take Angel to preschool in the Fall.  We keep talking about how we can’t make it a 100% switch since our skills are different and our work around the properties is so different.  This is where you come in!  We would like to have someone watch the children on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting April 18th, and lasting until we sell both in town properties (goal:  by the end of 2018).

We would prefer that someone we know take care of Angel and Rover in our home or, if they have children of similar ages, in their home.  We will pay, of course, but may need some flexibility on pay being cash or work.  The BHE is very handy and I’ll totally do someone else’s laundry without issue.

Would you or anyone you know be interested in helping us a day or two a week?  Think on it, ask around, and get back to me, please.  I know the power of networking and the power of prayer, so I am confident that among us, we can come up with a solution.  I’m so excited about this job, but I know we need the help of our village to raise our children.

Much love and peace to each of you!

Remember: Not one of us was meant to travel the paths of life alone. 

I March for Babies

What it is

The March of Dimes has a March for Babies every spring, a fund-raising walk to benefit the “programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies” as well as fund “research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies.”  I personally join the team I first started with years ago when I worked there, at Lafayette Community Bank in Lafayette, Indiana.

“Your gift will support March of Dimes research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And it will be used to bring comfort and information to families with a baby in newborn intensive care.

Why I do it


For me, it started as a way to spend time with coworkers I liked and do a good deed; it has become a way for me to show how much I care about the health of mothers and babies everywhere.  Well, and do a good deed.  I want to help others and donate more than just money.  Raising money by getting my friends, family, and coworkers to donate and taking the time to show my support is as beneficial to me as to the March for Babies.

I was very blessed in my pregnancy and birth.  I was very healthy throughout the pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy angel at full term.  Not every mother and child is so blessed.  Not every family experiences that joy and ease.  As much as I feel for and hope to assist all mothers and babies everywhere, I see the March for Babies as a perfect fit for my desires to help.

Too many suffer needlessly because of a lack of information or health care that can be made readily available with your support.  Please go to my personal fund-raising page and donate today.

When it isbest badge

I walk in 12 days.  I am hoping to raise $200 by April 24th to walk the next morning, a full 4 miles around a busy part of Lafayette, Indiana. Click here for more information. It’s going to be a fun day!  Please show your support.