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Wanna Be Asian Noodles Recipe with Orange-ish Chicken

We love this !  I can’t stress how much all of us truly enjoy this dish.  And its various incarnations.

I also can’t quite define what I’m doing here.  It is Asian-inspired, to put it neatly.

The noodles are an attempt to copy my favorite dish at Noodles & Co (they call it Thai something or other).  The chicken is marinated in salad dressing, orange juice,  and fruit spread.  The veggies and sauces can vary each time, but I try to keep them similar.

What you’ll need:

Spaghetti or Linguine

Soy sauce

Brown sugar


Garlic, crushed or powder

Chili Powder


Ginger, powder

Peas, carrots, broccoli, edamame, bell peppers, onions, bok choy,  whatever

Chicken breasts

Orange juice

Asian salad dressing

As always, I try to stick to organic ingredients and make sure the dead animal I’m eating was well-treated before slaughter.  Appetizing, I know.


Cut the chicken into cubes, skewer the cubes with bell pepper and onion between them, and place the kabobs in a deep dish.

Mix a half cup each of salad dressing and orange juice with 3 tablespoons of fruit spread and 1 tablespoon of garlic powder.  Pour mixture over kabobs then cover dish; I prefer Walmart-brand plastic clinging wrap.

Prepare grill and set to medium high heat.

Fill pot with water to cook pasta. Bring the water to a boil, drop in pasta, get it submerged and back to a boil, and turn down the heat.

You’ll want to follow the directions on the box for the pasta, but know that once it can be left alone for a few minutes, you’re going to be running that chicken to the grill.

Grilled chicken can be a pain in the neck.  I’ve learned you want to cook it really hot, being fast to turn it so you don’t burn it.  Once the entire outside of the piece of chicken looks cooked, turn down (or off) the grill heat and keep the lid closed.

Basically, you’re searing the chicken to lock in the juices and you’ll let it cook from the outside in.  That’s how you keep from drying it out.

When the pasta is 97% done, toss in your harder veggies like onion, edamame, and carrots.  When the pasta is 100% done, add peas, broccoli, and peppers.  Then drain it all.

Add butter to your pasta pot, maybe half of a stick, and get it melted before putting the pasta and veggies back in the pot.  Then stir.  Get the noodles coated.

Did you forget about the chicken?  Go check it!

Turn the burner under the pasta back on to about medium heat.  Then mix together (in the same thing you mixed the marinade, if you want to save yourself dishes)
¼ cup soy sauce,
¼ cup ketchup,
¼ cup brown sugar,
¼ teaspoon ginger,
½ tablespoon garlic,
and ½ tablespoon chili powder.

Stir well, until the sugar is dissolved, then slowly pour over the buttered noodles and veggies.

Keep stirring!  You’re making my half-hearted attempt at caramelizing your noodles.  Make sure you turn off the heat AND move the pan to a cool burner when you’re done.

Bring the chicken in off the grill and strip the skewers.  Make sure it really is cooked.  This seems to be a repeat issue with me, chicken, and the grill.

Pile it all on plates and EAT YOUR COLORS!

If you’re feeding toddlers like I am, make them small portions and stick them in the fridge.  While you’re chasing them to wash their hands and get to the table, while you are filling drinks and calling out to your husband that he needs to wash his hands and get his drink, while you are chasing at least one escaped toddler, while you get forks for the other three but a set of chopsticks for yourself, your children’s food will be cooling off and ready to eat when you finally get all four of your bodies to the table.


This meal changes every time I make it.  In fact, frequently I use ground beef in a wanna-be-street-vendor-style Korean sauce instead of the chicken.  Whatever, it is still freaking awesome.

I try to make enough to last two dinners and one lunch, but since it is so darn good, we often eat more than we should at one sitting.  Sometimes we add black pepper or a sweet chili sauce or extra soy sauce to the finish product; sometimes it is just too good for words, much less extra condiments.

Play with it.  It is amazing.  You’ll come back to this post to thank me.


Please note that I used Barilla’s Gluten Free pasta for this recipe.  I received this pasta for free to give my honest opinion of it.  I am a BzzAgent and qualified to test and taste this Gluten Free pasta.  This recipe and the opinions I have regarding this pasta are mine.

We are not a gluten free family by any means.  When the BHE and I went wheat free 5 years ago, it was for personal health based on personal research.  We didn’t really go “gluten free” nor did we stick to it after that initial round of weight loss.  Probably because I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant a couple months after we started the diet.

However, I told BzzAgent that I am interested in gluten free foods.  It is the closest way to telling them that we try to avoid excessive wheat in our diets.

I was so freaking excited to get free pasta!  I LURV PASTA!

I received both macaroni and linguine.  I used the linguine for this Asian-inspired dish.  The sauce clung to the noodles perfectly.  I’ve learned that organic wheat as well as gluten free pastas take a little longer to cook than traditional GMO wheat noodles, and sometimes those types of pastas let your sauce slid right off.  Not these!  Perfect.

The kids didn’t notice anything different about the noodles.  That’s how good Barilla did with taste and texture on these.  What I noticed was that I didn’t have to cut their servings.  Normally with linguine, I have to cut the noodles down to 1 or 2 inches in length.  These noodles broke apart during the regular cooking process for this recipe.

Let me tell you:  it still tasted good.  The flavor of the noodles is great!  My husband loved loved LOVED that it was gluten free.  He said he would rather eat something without wheat than worry if it held together.

If you were making, say, chicken alfredo with linguine noodles, I wouldn’t recommend Barilla’s Gluten Free pasta.  You can’t twirl your noodles!  If you are making this recipe or don’t care about how your food gets from your plate to your mouth, these noodles are just fine.  In fact, in the case where you need to cut the noodles to feed a kid or have less messy leftovers for lunch at work, these noodles work great!

The flavor and ingredients:  great!

The texture and look:  not so great, but acceptable.

Excellent Breakfast Cookies (with Chocolate)

This is a twist to my recipe for the Best. Cookies. Ever.

Most Important Meal of the Day

Every morning, I ask the Angel what she wants for breakfast.  I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve silently prayed for her to say that she wants cereal.  Some mornings, it is yogurt with fruit and eggs; most Sundays, when the BHE is available to eat breakfast with us, it is pancakes with strawberries.

Then there are the mornings where she wants popsicles, marshmallows, or cookies.

That’s where these come in!


Ready for the day with coffee, cookie, and egg!

Excellent Breakfast Cookies

Prepare: under 10 minutes
Bake:  8 minutes at 350F


1c flour (organic whole wheat or all-purpose white)
1/2c oats (actual organic oats, not those quick-cook things that look like oats)
1/4c butter (organic margarine, vegan substitute, non-GMO Smart Balance spread, etc)
1/4c organic unrefined coconut oil
1 egg
1/2t vanilla extract
1/4t baking soda
1/4c organic cane sugar (or dark brown sugar)
1/4c raisins or nuts, optional
1/4c chocolate chips or candies, optional


Prepped and ready for the Angel to assist in baking.  Note the minimal amount of bowls and utensils (spatula not pictured) because Mama doesn’t like doing dishes.



  1. Melt 1/4 c butter (Smart Balance) in microwave; add coconut oil to measuring cup for 1/2 c total.  Pour into medium mixing bowl.
  2. Stir in 1/4 c sugar until almost dissolved. Add 1/2 t vanilla and 1 egg.  Mix well.
  3. Slowly add 1 c flour, 1/2 c oats, and 1/4 t baking soda while stirring. When almost fully blended, add your mix-in, about a 1/2 c total (I used organic raisins and a mini bag of M&Ms for the photographed version).
  4. Preheat the oven to 350. Depending on your cookie sheet, prepare it for the dough.  The sheets I use are plain metal and I don’t spray them or add foil; the oils of the “butter” keep my cookies from sticking.
  5. Shape your cookies. For this version, I make them about pancake sized.  If you make them “cookie” sized, you may eat more!
  6. Place cookie sheet on top rack of oven and set timer for 8 minutes. Depending on your oven, this may take a little longer to avoid soft middles.  Unless you want soft middles.  It depends on how “cookie” you want these!
  7. Serve while warm with a nice glass of almond or soy milk. Or coffee with chocolate almond milk!  (There are some lovely fried eggs in the photos of this particular morning’s breakfast.)


Let me know what you think!  What substitutions did you make?  Would you add a 1/4c of brown sugar IN ADDITION TO?  Do you like nuts or other dried fruits?


Aside:  I love a good runny egg for breakfast.  But I always break the yolks!  I learned this neato trick from some random Pinterest stalking.  Use canning lids coated in cooking spray as “training wheels”.  Now when I flip an egg, I don’t break the yolk.  I recommend going a little overboard with the cooking spray.  If you like a runny yolk too, good luck; I seem to always overcook them just a bit.

Two Steps for Toned and Fresh Face

A post worthy of re-posting…

My face

I have recently developed a routine that had brought me clearer skin without spending a lot of time, money, or effort.  Just TWO steps to cleaner, clearer skin.

It wasn’t always so clear

I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. My eyelids and neck could get so dry that they looked and felt like burns. My T zone got so oily I could moisturize my cuticles by touching my face. I had breakouts at two different points in my cycle. My pores got blocked and I was constantly reapplying makeup. In fact, I wouldn’t be caught dead without a nice layer of cosmetics between my skin and the world.

I tried so many different brands of make-up then so many different chemicals claiming to clear up problem skin.  I’ve put things on my face that could be used to blow up bridges or bleach fabric.  Anymore, that seems like the industry standard to answer our blemish problems.

After reading countless articles on the benefits of coconut oil, I decided to change up my facial routine and try something so simple and natural.

Coconut oil

You see articles and blog posts touting all its uses everywhere you look. My Facebook feed is inundated with the latest word on what you can do with coconut oil.

Oil pulling
Hair masks
Makeup remover
And more and more

My choices

I’ve been asked many times what it is I do with coconut oil, other than cook. Following is my routine, one I developed after reading a few fact-based articles as well as blog posts by those sharing their first-hand accounts.

This jar of Simply Nature coconut oil was less than $5 at my Aldi's.  For use in the bathroom, I scoop a little into a plastic container then put the jar back in the pantry.

This jar of Simply Nature coconut oil was less than $5 at my Aldi’s. For use in the bathroom, I scoop a little into a plastic container then put the jar back in the pantry.

First, I choose to use organic unrefined coconut oil. I am not brand loyal by any means; I’m wallet loyal and only purchase the cheapest jar I can find. Right now in my area, Payless (Kroger) carries the best priced organic unrefined coconut oil in their Simple Truth Organic line.  I also have purchased organic unrefined coconut oil from Aldi’s.  Recently, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market had one of the brands they carry on sale bogo free, so I got two jars then.

I also keep witch hazel on hand for a toner as it is a mild, natural astringent. While they’re are many forms and ways you can find witch hazel, I bought my last bottle from the pharmacy section at WalMart. I think the cotton balls I have are from Target.

Last, my makeup is slowly being converted to more natural items. I haven’t found the best for my skin type yet.  I’m hoping to try Honest Beauty next but would love to hear some honest reviews of it first. 

Two Steps to a Fresh Face

1. “Wash”

I run a clean washcloth under the hottest tap water I can tolerate.

I run a clean washcloth under the hottest tap water I can tolerate.

First, I run the hottest water from the tap and let my washcloth get soaked. After wringing out most of the water, I lay the cloth over my face. I let it sit there, with my head leaned back, while I use my fingertips to press the cloth to my eyes, moving them just enough to gently wipe away build-up or mascara. I run hot water over the cloth and wring it out again to lay it over my face and user my fingertips to make circular motions. This gently scrubs my skin, sloughing up makeup, dirt, oil, et cetera. Then I run hot water over the cloth and wring it out again. This last time, I bend my head forward and hold the cloth against my face; this is to open my pores.


Look how clean these pores are! I don’t think my face has ever been this clean, not since before high school. My tone is not even and I do have freckles; don’t let that detract from how NOT BLACK my pores are.

No soap. Do you see that? Maybe you should reread the last paragraph. Just hot water on a washcloth. Each morning, when I do the above steps, I follow with a quick splash of cold tap water. This closes my freshly cleaned press against pollutants.

2.  Oil it up!

This is how hard the coconut oil is when it has been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom.  This nugget is about double what I use to cover my whole face and neck.

This is how hard the coconut oil is when it has been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom. This nugget is about double what I use to cover my whole face and neck.

Now I apply the coconut oil. I use my fingertips and don’t get too close to my hairline or eyes. I gently swipe an oiled fingertip right under my eyebrow and at the bottom of my lower lid (think middle of my dark circles). It doesn’t take much oil to cover a face, so don’t think it needs gooped on like a commercial moisturizer.

See how smooth and clean my face is?  Do you also see where I got a little oil in the hair in front of my ear?  Yeah, try to avoid that.

See how smooth and clean my face is? Do you also see where I got a little oil in the hair in front of my ear? Yeah, try to avoid that.

If you’re using it as a makeup remover, you’ll apply the coconut oil, wait a few minutes, then use that damp washcloth to gently wipe your face. If you need extra help removing eye makeup, dab a cotton ball in the oil and lightly swipe over your lashes. Once you’ve done these steps, reapply a light coat of the oil.

See? Just oil. No harsh chemicals. No soap with phthalates or parabens. No moisturizers or lotions with unpronounceable ingredients. Hot water and coconut oil. That’s it.

Since I’m at homemaker and only go in public once a week, this is usually the end of my morning routine (and always the end of my before-bed routine). I don’t wear makeup for funsies. If it is just my kids and the BHE seeing me, then they get the bare fresh face. 

THAT’S IT!  Two steps to clean, fresh, toned, and natural.


What items from your pantry have worked their way into your beauty routine?

Healthy Baby Home Party 

Sharing something I’m passionate about couldn’t have been more fun!

First Things First

Every year, we have thrown a party for our little girl’s birthday. The theme was her choice, I made some fun invites, we bought colorful goodies, and the party was so much fun.

Because of the timing of the party, I decided to make it a joint operation.  The focus would be on the Angel but I would have the best audience possible for my Healthy Baby Home Party.  The people I care about the most were in attendance, as were most of the little people (re:  adorable children) I love so much.

We did your typical cake-and-presents, but then I passed out the sample bags along with some great information about creating a healthy home for happy babies (and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles).


It means a lot to the BHE and me to provide the best we can for our children. We care about their health and safety as well as that of our home and the environment.

A few years back, we really got into cleaner living, with a big focus on food. These days, we try our best to eat organic and nonGMO foods as well as not support the major chemical companies that are harming the world and its population with poisons.

But it isn’t just our food! I mean, we can eat organic and use cloth diapers, but what good is that really doing our babies if the dishes they eat off of, the detergents used on their diapers and clothes, the cleaners sprayed on the tub they bathe in are full of harsh chemicals?

Healthy Baby Home Party

As a member of Seventh Generation’s Generation Good, I was presented with the opportunity to share my passion and spread the word about the Come Clean campaign with free samples. I received a great big box full of free goodies to give my guests to not only learn about the facts but also test some of the best products on the market, like Plum Organics, Zarbee’s, Bobble, American Meadows, and of course, Seventh Generation.

There’s this video:  Maya Knows Clean

And this one:  Seventh Generation:  40 Weeks webisode by Big Belli, LLC

Plus, for hosting, I was given some games and prizes to really teach through fun. Bingo for Bobble? Memory for Detergent? Hey, why not!


I am so thankful for my family and friends. I am filled with gratitude and awe today as I go through the presents my daughter received. Thank you thank you thank you!

My heart is lifted by the knowledge that those I love had fun, got some goodies, learned that there are alternatives to home cleaners that can trigger asthma, saw the benefits of dishes washed with “clean” dish soap, ate a cake that tasted as good as it looked, and exited my home happier and a little healthier than when they entered it.

Generation Good

Generation Good, a comunity supporting bright & safe solutions.

“We’ve always felt that being a part of a community is about connecting to what matters. And we know that what matters most to you is raising your family in a safe and healthy environment.

 You’ll love being part of Generation Good™ – a community where you can exchange tips, let your opinions be known, try new products, receive valuable offers, and take on missions that matter!”

Learn something. Share. Enjoy.

This home party wasn’t the only thing I’ve received free from Seventh Generation. I have been selected in the past to try laundry detergent and baby wipes. They sent me free samples and coupons, only asking that in return I provide an unbiased opinion of their products. This company wants to know how its consumers feel about what they are doing.

Check it out!


I got awesome stuff for free. I was not paid to write this blog post. I have received no money and I will not receive anything if you click on any of the included links.  All opinions and pictures are mine.  Well, except for the image that I copy-and-pasted from the Generation Good sign-up site.

I am feeling like I don’t know how to write a proper disclaimer; I just don’t want my readers thinking I’m a sales person for Seventh Generation or any of the other companies that were part of the host kit I received for the Healthy Baby Home Party.  I’m not in sales. I write about how I am on, and want to help you get on, a thoughtfully sought path towards a cleaner, greener, healthier, happier life.

Strawberry Summer Frozen Treat

My poor Angel has a cold in the middle of summer. It’s hot, she’s hot, we’re all hot. And she wants ice cream.

I don’t have any. What’s a mommy to do?!

It’s So “Nice”

I’ve heard this is called “nice cream”: frozen pureed bananas with whatever other yummy add-ins you like. It is dairy-free with only natural sugars, nothing added but what you put in it. You could call it vegan or cruelty-free or all natural.

The Angel calls it ice cream. Shhh, don’t bother explaining the difference. She’s three.

I had purchased a bunch of marked down organic bananas a few days before I tried this recipe with the idea I’d chop and freeze them for future smoothies. This is less mess and more kid friendly.


This takes roughly 5 minutes to put together, about 3 hours in the freezer, and just a few moments of clean up.


8 (old) bananas
1 cup cut strawberries
(Optional) 2 T almond milk



Peel bananas and place them in a blender or food processor. Puree until smooth. Add almond milk if you want to help the blending.


Add strawberries (or blueberries or vanilla extract or chocolate chips or cookie dough or whatever you like in ice cream. … or nothing at all and just skip this step) and pulse to get them sorta chopped and stirred.


Pour mixture into molds or loaf pan. Freeze at least 3 hours.


How cute are these?! Picked up 4 for 25 cents at a Trinity Mission store.



Angel Baby was sick and she’s 3 so waiting any amount of time was not to be had.  Therefore, she got a small scoop of the unfrozen yumminess to tide her over.

We each had a scoop once it was frozen. She loved it! I can tell you that so long as it is frozen, it doesn’t taste like bananas. It was sweet but otherwise flavorless unless I got a bite of the berries, too.

If you aren’t a big fan of banana flavor, you should still try this. You might really like it!

It also has a consistency that is more like a popsicle than a creamy scoop of dairy-based ice cream. Soft enough to bite but with some of that crystalline quality. I don’t know if adding the almond milk changed it that much.

You Try

And come back here to tell us what you think.

Camp Pies: Easy Meals for Camping

It’s summertime! It is time for camping and campfires. It’s time to figure out how to feed the crowd with little fuss and even less mess.

I needed to figure something out for this past weekend. Our family participated in a living history reenactment :  we live in canvas tents and cook over open fires.  In the years we have done this, I have learned a trick or two to having a variety of healthy meals, both hot and cold, during these long weekends.

The Easy Way

Sure, you could pack a couple pounds of lunch meat, sliced cheese, and a loaf of bread to put together sandwiches for every meal.  You could toss a package of hotdogs into your cooler and hope you’ll find a good stick for cooking.  For our type of camping, we’ve even taken a small hibatchi grill and charcoal.

Cooking a “real meal” over a fire can be challenging not in just the cooking itself but packing all the appropriate ingredients, pots and pans, utensils, et cetera.  It is possible, but it is a lot of work.  You want easy because you want to enjoy the camping experience.  And not have to lug around a ton of equipment nor worry about how in the world you’re going to wash your dishes.

I had to come up with something between sandwiches and pork chops with fried potatoes.  I needed to make sure we got our variety of food groups as well as a hot meal.  Some of the events we do are disgustingly hot while others can be downright cold.  So I thought about it.

What I want in a campfire meal:

Easy to make
Easy to clean up
Keeps everyone full and happy

What I came up with:

Individually-wrapped “hot pockets” of yummy goodness


Sarah’s Camp Pies

Having made “meat pies” for St. Patrick’s Day this year, I started rolling with the idea that I could make the dough and stuff whatever I wanted in it before baking it.  Then I could wrap each little pie in heavy-duty foil so they could be taken from the plastic baggy and put right on the fire to cook.  The more I thought about the hows and whats, the more I realized I would be making the homemade, whole-foods version of Hot Pockets.*

Since that name is already taken, and the original recipe I was copying was for meat pies, I’m calling these awesome bad-boys Camp Pies.  Read and learn, folks.

Time and Heat

Roughly 10 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to make the dough, 5 minutes to fill and crimp, then 30 minutes in the oven at 425 degrees

So, like, a total of less than an hour.




2 c flour (organic, of course)|
1/3 c evoo (I guess any oil will do but this is the one I always have on hand)
2/3 c almond milk (because we don’t drink cow’s milk but you can if you want)
2 t baking powder
Optional seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasonings, cumin, and so on


Whatever you want!!


Think about it.

Whatever. You. WANT.
Pizza goodies like sausage, cheese, peppers, and red sauce
Sandwich yummies like turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and mustard
Pot pie fillings like chicken, peas, carrots, and potatoes
Barbeque tasties like pulled pork, bbq sauce, and shredded cabbage



Measure and mix ingredients until no lumps and form into ball
Knead ball of dough 8 times
Divide ball in half
Roll each half flat and thin
Cut into rectangles, making 8 pies per batch


Make sure all your meats are cooked
Cut your goodies into small pieces
Shred your cheeses
Gather your condiments
Create your masterpieces a little left of center of each rectangle



Fold the crust neatly over the fillings, pinching or squishing the edges with a fork
Place on a cookie sheet that is covered in foil or cooking spray or both
Bake for 15 minutes on each side at 425 degrees

Let cool before wrapping in foil.  If making an assortment of pies, label them.  Place in ziptop baggies and in the fridge to be tossed into the cooler when you’re ready to roll out to the campgrounds.


I made four types of pies:  pizza, stew, turkey, and breakfast.  The pizza ones had cooked sausage, mozzarella, Italian seasonings, tomato paste, bbq sauce, and sweet peppers.  The stew was mashed potatoes, cooked ground beef and onions, peas, carrots, and corn with a little bit of ketchup.  The turkey ones were smoked lunchmeat turkey, cheddar slices, broccoli florets, and sweet hot mustard.  The breakfast pies had scrambled eggs, diced smoky links, and cheddar.  I packed ketchup and bbq sauce in the cooler for good measure, but we only got them out for the breakfast ones.

The pies didn’t get soggy in the cooler, thank God.  The crust was perfectly crusty.  The pies were good cold or hot.  Getting them the right temperature over the fire might prove to be tricky.  For us, the “stew pies” cooked evenly sitting to the side of the main coals, but the “pizza pies” got a little black and crispy on the bottoms because I set them directly on top of a burning log.  Live and learn!

Go Camping!

If you try this hand pie idea, let me know what your fillings were and how your pies fared in your cooler and over your fire.


*I can’t think those two words together without hearing it sung like Jim Gaffigan does in this bit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmHSe_S04CU

Sunday, Schmunday

It’s July 5th (I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th!), and I have a cold.  Angel Baby is down for her nap, and the poor thing has a cold, too.  This is not fun.  Instead of being productive during her nap, I’ve chosen to stuff my face and indulge myself.

Window A/C

The view from here:  my candy, my book (and awesome bookmark), and my laptop.  Is blogging considered working when I'm trying to be lazy?

The view from here: my candy, my book (and awesome bookmark), and my laptop. Is blogging considered working when I’m trying to be lazy?

I’ve hunkered down in our bedroom where I should be sleeping, but the sun is streaming in around the window unit.  It’s cool but bright in here.  And I had a craving.  Now I’m so full I am sick.


Nope, not on the list of foods we buy.  Certainly nowhere near the list of foods we eat.  But I want some, nonetheless.  This is where enjoyment in culinary experiments helps out.


1 box Annie’s Homegrown Shells and Real Aged Cheddar made with organic pasta, prepared with unsweetened almond milk and Smart Balance nonGMO buttery spread

1/3 jar of Aldi’s Simply Nature marinara, stirred into shells and cheese.  Serve while still hot.


I ate the whole thing.  In one bowl.  With a spoon.

And I’m not ashamed.

Lazy Bum Indulgence

There are a handful of Jolly Ranchers leftover from the “lost parrot egg” hunt at Angel Baby’s birthday party.  What else can go with a full belly, some hard candy, and this attitude born of this cold?  I KNOW!

I’m rereading the Harry Potter series.


Don’t judge; they’re brilliant.  Disclaimer:  I’m proud to be a Rabid Potterphile.

How’s your Sunday going?